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Flexipay Flooring simplifies the process of purchasing new carpets, making it as easy as a leisurely stroll in the park. Spread the cost of your new carpet with our convenient Pay Monthly Carpet plans!

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Save The Upfront Costs With Our Pay Monthly Carpet Plans

At Flexipay Flooring, we deeply appreciate the heart of your home. Our carefully curated selection of top-tier carpets goes beyond mere flooring; it’s about cultivating a sanctuary for your treasured family moments, all while easing the financial burden. Our pay monthly carpet plans are thoughtfully designed with your bustling household in consideration, as we aim to transform your space into a welcoming, comforting haven.

Gone are the days of fretting over upfront expenses. Our dedication to your peace of mind shines through in our hassle-free payment options. We’re not just flexible; we’re your financial partners, ready to adapt to your unique requirements.

Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, every-four-week, or monthly payments, we’re here to streamline the process for you. Although our prices are already highly competitive, we believe in breaking down the total cost into manageable, stress-free payments—bite-sized, exclusively for you!

But that’s not the whole story. We’re more than a flooring provider; we’re your allies in comfort:

Experience the tranquillity of 0% interest on all our plans, a stress-free gift that keeps giving. Bid farewell to nerve-wracking credit checks and limits; we trust your choices. Enjoy the added benefits of free underlay, carpet grippers, and door trims when you require them. We understand the significance of a payment schedule that seamlessly fits into your life; we’re adaptable to your preferred timing.

Your dream carpet is just a click away. Complete our online application form above, and we’ll not only supply you with samples but also furnish a free, personalized quote. It’s time to transform your house into a home, a place brimming with love and warmth. Join the Flexipay Flooring family today!

0% Interest on our pay weekly carpet plans
affordable carpets with small regular payments - flexipay flooring's pay weekly carpet plans
Free underlay with our pay weekly carpets plans
Free carpet grippers with our pay weekly carpets plans
No Credit checks on any of our pay weekly carpets plans
no credit limit on any of our pay weekly carpets plans

About Flexipay Flooring

Flexipay Flooring was born out of the ashes of the cost of living crisis in the UK. We’ve sold carpets for years, but the every day pressures of seemingly everything going up in price led us to reorganising how we offer our flooring and introducing Pay Monthly Carpets as a service. 

We believe that high quality, comfortable flooring is the foundation for a happy home, but that shouldn’t come with financial worries and stress. We’ve created our Pay Weekly Carpets plans to take the stress and pressure away from new flooring.

It’s because of this that we don’t add interest to our plans, and our flooring is already competitively matched to start with to make sure we’re giving you the best deal and value possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It starts by you filling out the contact form at the top of this page. 

We’ll give you a call and set up a home appointment where our Rep closest to you will show you all of our samples and measure up your space. They’ll then calculate the overall cost, and help you break it down into small payments on a schedule you choose.

If you’re happy to go ahead, you’ll pay a deposit that opens the account and then decide when you want to schedule your first payment for. 

Once we have that first payment, we’ll book you in for fitting as soon as possible, at a date that suits your schedule.

Once fitting is complete, simply keep up with the payments on your plan.

We don’t charge any interest on any of our plans, for any of our customers. 

The fees are:

  • Your initial deposit, which comes off the overall cost of your flooring. For example if the overall cost is £300 and you pay a £40 deposit, you’ll pay £260 altogether through the plan.
  • Your plan payments are discussed and curated at the home appointment with the rep – you’ll work with them to find something you can afford.
  • The fitting fee is due when the fitters install your carpet – you’ll know what this is at the home appointment too, before you decide whether or not to go ahead. 

These are the three types of payments involved, and although each figure is different for everyone, you’ll know what yours are before you decide to go ahead with the plan.

We currently offer Carpets, Laminate and Vinyl. Within each, we have different ranges from Budget to Luxury and in between.

We have reps and fitting teams everywhere from below Birmingham to above Newcastle. We cover most of Yorkshire, the North East and the North West of England. 

If you’re wanting too much flooring for your budget at the start, for example if you want the whole hour redoing, we might ask you to split it down to a few rooms at a time. 

For example if your budget allows £40 per week, we’ll fit as many rooms as we can within that budget. Once you pay a few months off of that, you’ll have likely paid off one or two rooms. 

We’ll then come back out and take a look at the plan again to see if we can create a new plan with your existing balance in addition to new rooms whilst sticking to that budget. 

It’ll take longer to install the whole house this way, but you’ll stay within a budget you can afford.

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